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12 October 2005 @ 03:06 pm
Notes/HUM120 class/Oct 12, 2005  
The class in general is fairly reticent about discussing the play. They brought up a lot of the basics that we/I associate with R&J; massive overdoing, broad comedy, mix of styles, "star-crossed" lovers, derivative nature of Shakespearean plots, contrast between high tragic romance and the very young protagonists. No real comments on the plot itself or the structure of the play.
Watched the first ten minutes of the old BBC R&J with Alan Rickman as Tybalt. Interesting though very poor film techniques.
Watched the first ten minutes of the Zeffirelli. Totally different style, the difference between filmed play and movie.
Both versions provoked giggles for dated style and possible melodrama. Will attend 6:30 screening of the Baz version and see how they react to that.
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